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Jody Stevenson - Successful Choices, Peaceful Mind, Joyful Heart

Success Strategies
for Calming the Frenzied Life!

What do out-of-balance, crazy busy, anxious, not-enough-time, hurried, brain over-load all have in common? They refer to the national epidemic sweeping America today.

Since 1980, Jody Stevenson has been working with groups and individuals who want to succeed by choice and to experience balance in their everyday life. In 1991, she started Sáma Success; a Portland, Oregon based speaking and coaching business. “ Sáma” is the Sanskrit word for balance. She also owns a product-based business, Doorway to Your Destiny, LLC, offering products for greater relaxation and self-realization.

Her signature presentation, Success Strategies for Calming the Frenzied Life, contains the wisdom, insights and strategies for taking the overloaded and out-of-balance individual and group to a new level of success. Whether you need a 20 minute keynote, a 3 hour seminar or a 3 day retreat, she can serve your audience in a variety of ways as well as meet the best of what you need and want.

Her strategies are proven, practical, street-smart and easy to understand. Her content is driven by 8 core principles and 3 success keys which can have an immediate influence for both personal and professional success. Through her message, she witnesses the courage and determination of those who seek balance, well-being and harmony in their daily lives.

So come on in! Please be welcomed as you get practical information and inspiration to enhance your journey toward success.


Success Strategies for Calming the Frenzied Life!

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