Jody Stevenson, Life Coach, speaker
Jody Stevenson - Successful Choices, Peaceful Mind, Joyful Heart

About Jody Stevenson

“Jody Stevenson, the teacher, the master of positive provocation excites, stirs up, calls forth from her audience’s expansive self-understanding and courageous action.”
-Jan Lisonbee, Ph.D.

Jody Stevenson, President of Sáma Success, llc., based in Portland, Oregon, has a special expertise on the core issues and reasons for the growing national epidemic of frenzied living. After experiencing her presentations, people come away with a deeper understanding, and more importantly, they now have clearly defined strategies for creating more balance, peace and success in their lives.

Depending on the meeting objectives, Jody will focus a presentation ranging from a valued-based life, women’s issues, ancient principles of success, scientifically proven processes, as well as, achieving balance in time of change and transition. She has addressed audiences from 5 to 3000 and delivers an inspirational, content-rich, hands-on presentation.

Jody is a member of National Speakers Association and has served on the Board of Trustees for the Oregon Chapter. She also has her Master Certification in Neuro Linguistic Programming as well as a Divinity Degree from the Ernest Holmes College.

Jody is a two-time contributor to the bestseller series, Chocolate for a Woman’s Soul. She is also the author of How to Discover Your Life Purpose and Soulutions, Daily focus for Soul Purpose Reflections. Her newest book, Doorway to Your Destiny, How to live the life you want before it’s too late! was released in May of 2006.