Jody Stevenson, Life Coach, speaker
Jody Stevenson - Successful Choices, Peaceful Mind, Joyful Heart

Lecture Topics

Success Strategies for the Frenzied Life!

Whether your need is a half-day, full-day or weekend program, all presentations include time for questions and answers. When you are looking for a speaker for womens' initiatives, conventions and groups of individuals who can immediately enhance their level of success and daily balance, then

Jody Stevenson is the right speaker for your meeting or event, if . . .

  • your group consists of women or value-based professionals
  • you want them to experience a higher level of success
  • you want to have sustainable balance in your everyday life
  • you want a content-rich presentation delivered with warmth, humor and inspiration


Topic Titles

  1. Successful Strategies for the Frenzied Life.
  2. Living the Unhurried Life!
  3. Beyond Burnout... Thriving in Balance!
  4. Doorway to your Destiny: How to Live the Life You Want Before It’s Too Late!
  5. Soul Success: 13 Keys for Living Life to the Hilt! (Presentation best for a 3 day Women’s Retreat)


1. Success Strategies for the Frenzied Life

  • Discover the major influences of modern day technology
  • Explore the impact of Cultural ADD
  • Customize a personal strategy plan for expanding success in your every day life


2. Living the Unhurried Life

  • Understand the three factors of everyday stress and how it impacts health, relationships and a deep sense of well-being
  • Learn how to slow down time
  • Learn powerful techniques to relieve stress


3. Beyond Burnout - Thriving in Balance

  • Enjoy doing more with less stress
  • Learn the ancient meaning of balance
  • Discover what takes you out of balance faster than a roller coaster ride


4. Doorway to your Destiny: How to Live the Life You Want Before It’s Too Late!

  • Understand the meaning of Destiny and how to experience it today
  • Discover the number one secret to living your core dreams
  • Be inspired by stories like the 95 year old man who is starting his own business


5. Soul Success: 13 Keys for Living Life to the Hilt!

  • Learn how to focus and then let go and watch your dreams unfold
  • Explore how to celebrate your failures and have fun doing it
  • Discover how important balance is and how to incorporate it into your everyday life


Success Strategies Highlighted in Presentations:

1. The Power of Thought

  • How and what modern science and ancient wisdom agree about thought
  • 20/20/20 Rule of thought
  • Evolution of thought


2. Simple Truths About Your Everyday Life

  • 5 Spotlights that encompass all human experience
  • Values exercise to clarify priorities
  • Balance - finding the center point between ease and effort


3. How to Succeed by Choice

  • Explore the two desires of most human beings
  • Learn the what and the how of the impact of modern technology in the last 15 years
  • Understand where and when you have choice in your everyday life...and when you don’t


4. It’s Never Too Late!

  • The one secret for fulfilling your potential
  • Celebrate the truth that it is never too late
  • Soul first, human second: the message of Mother Teresa


From thirty minutes to three days, Jody will create a presentation designed to produce greater clarity, more focus, deeper sense of well-being, and ultimately, create a path for joy filled – peace centered success.

She will provide your people what they need to know in order to simplify their everyday life, as well as, easily identify and improve areas of expanded possibilities. Each participant leaves with a personally designed action plan that is both practical and promising.



Fees can vary, depending on how you use Jody and her various services. The following are variables in planning an event and creating a budget with her.

  • The type of presentation: keynote, general session, breakout workshop or 3 day retreat
  • Multiple presentations: same-day presentation numerous times 1-6 hours,
  • Length of presentation: i.e. full day up to six hours
  • Location of event: where the event is being held
  • Expenses: actual, out-of-pocket, or inclusive with fee
  • Licensing fee...for permission to audio or video tape Jody’s presentation
  • Customization...fee for going above and beyond a personalized program
  • Terms...your choice between paying a full upfront or a 50/50 payment option
  • Product sales