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Oregon Road Runners Club


Victoria Ball

Pumpkin Art

Bay Systems Inc.

Prices Alarms

Margi Redden, Law Red Wizard

Armor Systems International

American-Payroll Corporation

Archers Company

Clean Sweep Janitorial

North West Real Estate Investors Assn

Association for Environmental Health Programs

Careers in Environmental Health

National Environmental, Health Science and Protection Accredidation Council

Jeffs Fine Art

Jody Stevenson

Triple Spiral - Rev. Kathleen Verigin

Victoria Truth Centre

Bergfreunde Ski Club

Historic Homes Calendar

Daybreak Dental


Perkins Group CPAs

I created the HTML, some of the javascript, and optimized the images for the web.


Catherine Badin Photograpy

Design, graphic optimization, and creative HTML

House of Antique Hardware
This is an e-commerce site. I designed the information architecture, optimized this site for search engines, coordinated the web hosting, shopping cart and merchant accounts, optimized and enhanced the popup images, and put the site together using CSS, HTML and Javascript.


Meet Fun People

Design, navigational architecture, HTML including form design. Note: not responsible for the look of content beyond the home page.



Eric Hubbs, D.C.

I created the design, navigational architecture, and also edited the content copy.

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